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Cypriot hospital tracks Covid-19 vaccinations thanks to VeChain

A Cypriot hospital keeps the first 100 distribution records of the Covid-19 vaccine on Vechain. Vechain is a decentralized supply chain as well as a data management platform. This hospital would be the first to store the medical records of the Covid-19 vaccine on the blockchain. Tracking records in a secure and unchanging manner is […]

SkyBridge launches bitcoin fund

SkyBridge launches bitcoin fund The number of institutional investors who want a piece of the Bitcoin pie is growing. Now, SkyBridge, a well-known expert in investment funds, is joining them. According to a press release, crypto funds are growing again. SkyBridge Capital, one of the world’s leading alternative investment companies, is responsible for this. It […]

Hong Kong licenses its first digital asset trading platform

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission has granted its first virtual trading platform. The platform is reserved for professionals, in accordance with recent SFC changes. OSL Digital Securities obtained the license. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) granted its first digital trading platform license on December 16. However, SFC Hong Kong did […]

First Cardano DeFi project to be transferred from Polkadot

Bondly will transition its cryptomoeda, BSwap OTC platform and BONDProtect e-commerce platform to Cardano from Polkadot. First Cardano DeFi project to be transferred from PolkadotNOTÍCIAS The decentralised e-commerce platform Bondly will be the first decentralised financial project to be executed in the blockchain Cardano as part of the implementation of the Goguen intelligent contract functionality […]

Billionaire Ray Dalio uznaje Bitcoina za złotą alternatywę.

Menadżer funduszu hedgingowego Billionaire’a Ray Dalio mówi, że Bitcoin mógłby służyć jako „dywersyfikator“ złota. Billionaire Ray Dalio uznaje Bitcoina za złotą alternatywę. Od bańki do złotej alternatywy „Inteligentna dywersyfikacja“ Bridgewater Associates CEO Ray Dalio wydaje się łagodzić swoje stanowisko w sprawie Bitcoin, uznając je za alternatywę dla złota podczas swojej ostatniej sesji AMA („Ask Me […]

Bitcoin price, Altcoins and Dow Jones are recording record highs

Bitcoin climbs to over $ 19,400, altcoins are growing by three digits and the Dow is climbing to a new all-time high of 30,000. The bulls have a firm grip on the markets. On Tuesday, the bulls showed they had full control of the crypto market as Bitcoin ( BTC ) rose to $ 19,418.97 […]

Bitcoin: Tre skäl till varför en försäljning är mer sannolikt än någonting

Bitcoin har knackat på $ 16 000-nivån två gånger och fortfarande är det ännu att upprätthålla ett intrång eller fånga denna nivå. Vad betyder det här? Man kan argumentera för att detta visar att marknadens tjurar är svaga och redo att odlas av björnarna. „Redo att odlas?“ Ja, redo att odlas. Marknadens björnar har trots […]

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